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STAG's Autumn Production 2016

There is a sadness and an irony about this announcement.


When We Are Married by J.B. Priestley, directed by Heather White on 19-22 October 2016 at Kilmington Village Hall is cancelled.


The plot of the play above is based on an assumption that licences are in force, when perhaps they are not. Unfortunately, STAG has been prey to a somewhat similar assumption.


The mistake was to believe that a performing licence for an amateur production of a Priestley play would be obtained easily... wrong!

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Sad news for us all. Unfortunately, a performing rights licence for this play is currently unavailable.


More news on the Autumn production after an emergency committee meeting on Thursday 25 August

When we Are Married poster cancelled

Note from the Agents of the Priestley Society (who hold the rights):


The reason for restricting a play is usually solely in order to protect a forthcoming professional production.  There is to be a high-profile tour this autumn. The tour is currently set to end early in 2017 although if the tour is hugely successful I suppose the producers might seek an extension of rights.  I am sorry you have to be disappointed.


Despite our valiant attempts to replace the play with an alternative production at very short notice, this has proven to be quite impossible in such a demanding time frame.


Very sad news for us all, particularly in respect of the large amount of time and energy that has been invested by Heather and her actors and crew over the Summer.


Over the last few years we at STAG have aimed to adapt positively to the changes modern times demand, but without turning our backs on the worthy legacy inherited from our past champions. We intend to continue this legacy. We have an exciting programme arranged for 2017, of which, more later.


Kind regards and apologies



(for STAG)

OLIVER! and Henry V coming to you in 2017... watch this space.