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The Spring Play readings have come to a close and our grateful thanks to Ernest and Hildegard Fox and Tim and Anna Love for being fabulous hosts.The Summer playreading was George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Arms and the Man’ followed by afternoon tea at Kathryn Gray's beautiful home. The playreadings continue to be extremely popular and many production plays come about as a result of the readings. It also gives the opportunity to those that do not wish to actually perform to let their talents shine.

Our Autumn Production

Tickets are are available now at our box offices and online.

The Grand Duke - Barnfield Theatre Exeter

We are hoping to book a coach from Kilmington Village Hall for Thursday 10th October. If you are interested please contact Katie.


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Set in nineteen-fifty’s Paris, shortly after the death of the brilliant artist, Paul Sorodin. Indecently close to his death, a trail of bereaved and somewhat greedy individuals travel to Paris to attend the funeral, ever hopeful for a share of his estate.


Into the fray steps Sebastien, valet and companion extraordinaire, with some jolting surprises for the ‘mourners’, the biggest one being that Sorodin was not all he had seemed.


What is art? Does it have a defining essence? Noël Coward's Nude with Violin explores the often contentious faith we afford artists and their work.  However, as you would expect from a Coward play, it is a light comedy of manners, not some kind of hammer-the-truth-home treatise.


Perhaps not as well-known as some of his works, this delightful play still features the razor-sharp wit and great ensemble writing for which he is famous.


In her second directorial role, Enid Perry brings some of our well established players as well as introducing new faces to STAG audiences in this production of the play by one of the twentieth century’s greatest masters of stylish humour which remains as fresh today as it did when it was first performed in 1956.

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