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STAG's Autumn Production 2016

In June, STAG were proud to introduce something a bit different for us all.  The Cygnet Theatre is a unique drama school and theatre company based in Exeter. It brought its exciting young talent to Shute Church as part of its tour of Devon. The talented cast brought a refreshing new dynamic to a play much beloved by STAG members. The Winter’s Tale was last performed by STAG in 1997 at the church.


At Leontes’ request, Hermione begs Polixenes to extend his stay. Observing her persuasive powers, Leontes sees a spark of affection between his wife and his friend. Consumed by jealousy, Leontes destroys his family and seeks to kill his friend. However, Time and Reason heal deep wounds and True Love’s patience triumphs over betrayal and despair.

Cygnet theatre


hosted by STAG presents


by William Shakespeare

Friday 3rd June. 7.30pm

St Michael’s Church, Shute

Following our play reading season’s theme, the plays of J.B. Priestley, a choice for STAG's Autumn play has been made. Heather White will be directing the above classic. We welcome actors, backstage help and volunteers for Front of House. More information is available here:

When We Are Married

by J.B. Priestley

Wednesday 19 to Saturday 22 October  

Kilmington Village Hall

When We Are Married When we Are Married poster2


Sad news for us all. Unfortunately, a performing rights licence for this play is currently unavailable.


More news on the Autumn production after an emergency committee meeting on Thursday 25 August