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Shute Theatre and Arts Guild’s latest production was once again directed by Elisabeth Miller whose notable productions for the company go back over many years.


Her choice this time was “Duet for Two Hands” which was written many years ago now by Mary Hayley Bell for her husband, the famous actor, John Mills and is about a young poet who has lost his hands in an accident and has let a surgeon of hitherto unrecognised genius graft on the hands of a dead man. The question is – whose? When this is disclosed later in the play, horror piles on horror as the dead man exercises a psychic influence on the living man and the final revelations about the identity of the dead man and the circumstances of his death create a very dramatic ending to the play.  The whole play is set against a background of the  Orkney Islands – land of ancient history and belief.


Congratulations are certainly in order to everyone involved and particularly of course to Elisabeth Miller for bringing us this play and giving us such a marvellous interpretation of it. As always we are left looking forward to the next STAG production.


Nigel Freathy



Monday 25th February 2019, 7 for 7.30pm at Hitchcock Pavilion, Kilmington (Cricket Pavilion)

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