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Anna is well underway directing our spring production. We anticipate a repeat success for the Young STAGs, and some not quite so young, who took part in the 2007 production. Oliver! has been well subscribed again and impressively casted. please contact Anna if you would like to participate. Production, back-stage and Front of House are always needed.

Our Spring Production

Oliver! is based on Charles Dickens’s novel, Oliver Twist written about 1850. The show, with music and lyrics by Lionel Bart, first appeared in the West End in 1960, and enjoyed a long run that launched the careers of several child actors.


Rehearsals started in March for Young STAGs’ production of   this lively musical.  This enthusiastic group have been a joy to work with and from the experience so far; they cannot fail to acquire confidence, self-discipline and an abiding love of music and drama.


We look forward to see you all in June!

TICKETS CONTACT US Oliver! (Front and Back Cover)) Oliver

The cast in 2007

Oliver! (poster & flier)