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coming your way on Friday 17 October at St Giles' Church, Kilmington.



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Tosca Poster A TRIUMPH

"Absolutely cracking night.  Please pass on heartiest congratulations to your stellar cast.

What an achievement!"


"An amazing production well done ,  another great job. Please pass on huge thanks and congratulations to Anna we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening, where does that voice come from? We all want to know when and where next... "


"Well,what a tour de force.  Quite magnificent, and beautifully staged as well as performed and sung.  And the pianist was stunning as well.  A huge privilege to have something of that standard presented in a little village like Kilmington and under the STAGS banner. Well done to all involved in pulling it off!"


"Just to say my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed TOSCA and I know that others around me did also, what an experience!  The performers where fantastic.

You must have work so hard to make it such a success. Congratulations to all concerned."


"What a fab night!  I went home and played Angela Georghiou's Vissi d'arte - and it was pallid by comparison.  We both took the view that when we saw future productions we would compare with this one - it hit something very visceral in the opera - Tosca and Scarpia were such fine actors."


"WOW! Thank you!  Tosca was simply outstanding last night.  The talented cast were allowed to shine because the overall production was great. I had no idea what to expect, Opera in a church? But now I get it! Your team ensured the setting, sound and lighting allowed the music and voices to transport us into Tosca’s World. The atmosphere was wonderful and I fear that having experienced the intimacy of this small gathering, the larger arena/stages will seem too impersonal.

I ought to apologise if this seems all too ‘gushing’ but the performance took me by surprise. It’s calibre was unexpected. For those of faith, I think it must have “pleased the Lord” (to quote Leonard Cohen!?) to have St Giles Church packed to capacity, warmed and filled with the best of human endeavour celebrating love and sacrifice."

Just some of the comments from our audience

Press review

With a special review from Ambra Edwards here...